Cultivating An Entrepreneurship Mind: Teach Kids To Problem-Solve

By on March 17, 2015 in press

Cultivating An Entrepreneurship Mind: Teach Kids To Problem-Solve

The following guest post is by Mamie Joeveer, an attorney specializing in First Amendment and Media Law and a former captain in the U.S. Marines.

It all starts with a question: What do you want to be when you grow up? For many parents of young children, occupations such as policemen, firefighter, doctor, painter, and ballerina are among the top responses. But one answer is rarely included–Entrepreneur.  Norman Goldstein, Founder of By Kids For Kids, an educational and family marketing company that connects its clients to teachers, students, and households with innovative marketing, corporate social responsibility programs, and national competitions, is hoping to change that.  His organization’s goal is to foster, inspire and empower youth to be innovative.  Goldstein says entrepreneurship should be cultivated as soon as children take their first seats in an educational setting.

Goldstein says there’s a difference between teaching a 20-year-old entrepreneurship for the first time than in teaching it to a child for the first time.  For children, according to Goldstein, entrepreneurship will eventually become embedded in the DNA and in the way they look at the world.

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About the Author

About the Author: Co-founded By Kids For Kids with daughter Cassidy to create a company that: - empowers kids to innovate and develop critical and creative thinking skills - provides teachers, parents, and youth organizations with FREE supplemental educational materials - positions underwriters to fulfill corporate social responsibility initiatives with meaningful educational programs and outreach - motivates and rewards teachers, students, and parents with celebration events and prizing including scholarships, grants, and gift cards A recognized pioneer and visionary in the field of youth innovation and empowerment, Norm is the recipient of a Congressional leadership award and one of CNN's 2007 "Ten National Innovators" changing lives in America. .

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