As a result of my personal coaching services, you will be able to:

– Build effective rewarding human relations in you business, family and social life
– Partnership of the mind and soul
– Support without judgment; unconditional awareness of your goal
– Actively utilize my broad understanding of business and human relations
– Maintain understanding of clients feelings and motivation
– Assist you to visualize your goals
– Create a mental goal oriented life plan
– Help you take responsibility for implementing steps for change
– Give you control of your life
– Build a life-work balance
– Build self generating optimism for success

Here is some information that will help you get oriented:

The Coaching Structure
Coaching provides a structure where we will regularly work on the issues that are most important to you. As the client, you bring the agenda to the coaching. I also believe that you have the answers that are most valuable and relevant to your life. As a coach, part of my job is to ask questions to help you find the answers that are most valuable to you. I will also be working to help you keep true to your values, and help you stay on track to get the results you want, or live the live you deserve.

What you say within our coaching relationship is completely confidential, and it will always be held in complete confidence, within the limits of the law.

Satisfaction Guarantee
I strive to create the most value for you in any particular coaching session, and every session will be different.

Referral Policy
I would be happy to talk with anyone you think might benefit from coaching.

Availability and Notice
I commit to be available, at the appointed date and time of our scheduled sessions. And, I ask that you do the same. If for any reason you must reschedule, please give me at least 24 hours notice so that I have some opportunity to fill the time slot with some other productive activity.

Coaching Timeframe
Coaching takes as long as it takes, and you can decide when the time is right to take a break from coaching. While the typical coaching relationship continues to add significant value to a client’s life over a 1-year period, I require no contract or written commitment for any specific period. However I do suggest you make a mental commitment, to yourself, for at least an initial 3-month period. This is a very good time frame to begin to see some of the major benefits from coaching. I also ask that you give me two week’s notice when you wish to take a break from coaching, so we can properly finish off anything we are working on.

Get started!