Daily Thoughts

“When we ask for help from others and receive it, it is important to let that person know what has been accomplished from their advice. Putting a period at the end of this process is respecting the relationship and building intimacy.”

“Things that happen to us are either life threatening or ego threatening. If its life threatening move at light speed. If it ego threatening let it go. It’s not worth engaging yourself in someone else’s insanity.”

“Be a big person in everything you attempt.”

“Letting someone else win an innocuous argument is giving charity to you.”

“Make deposits in your self esteem account in lieu of your bank account. It builds greater riches.”

“Happiness is a byproduct of feeling comfortable in your own skin.”

“Don’t take yourself so seriously. You are not that important in the universe anyway.”

“Giving is a true receiving. We have always had it backwards. We just couldn’t see it.”

“We were given the gift of life. We need to give something back to him as a thank you. What do you think our effort should be for our gift of life?”

“Everyone deserves his or her place on this planet. Who am I to judge another?”

“Live fully in the moment since that’s all that is real anyway. Everything else is an illusion. Yesterday is but a memory and tomorrow is yet unborn.”

“Throughout each day we have 100’s of seemingly insignificant, encounters, choices and decisions. The positive or negative sum total of all these at the end of each day truly matters to our sense of well-being. Each small decision, encounter or choice should be made with a good spirit. It’s the little things that add up.”

“The secret to getting help is to ask for it.”

“Having a few friends or family whose judgment we trust is invaluable. As human beings we were not built with meters to read to know or determine how we are in the world.”

“Most of us run movie stories in our heads. We should only run those movies, which nurture or support our humanity.”

“Our brain runs like a computer. We should only program into it constructive commands. Remember garbage in garbage out.”

“Newton’s third law of physics is “for every action there is an opposite an equal reaction.” Watch your behavior. We can’t measure it but there is a force we cannot see keeping track.”

“Some people think life is a dress rehearsal. What do they think the next episode is going to be? Engage now…”

“Loving someone is keeping their vulnerabilities locked away even when you a have a disagreement.”

“When we are desperate to have something we send out “waves” which push it further out of reach the more we frantically grab for it. Relax and you will have a better chance for it to float your way.”

“Financial riches are a byproduct of hard work, providing results or giving service. There is no free lunch.”

“Most humans can sense each other in a similar manner to animals in the jungle. Animals can sense when another animal is frightened. They can also sense if another is going to be aggressive towards them. What scents do you give off? Perfume won’t mask this.”

“Resentment towards another poisons us more.”

“We are not in the result business. We are only in the action business.”

“So you think you have control over your world. Have you been given control over important functions like your heart, breathing or brain? Guess what functions you have been given some control over. There is something telling in the answer.”

“Do these words ring true for you: decency, appropriateness, mindfulness, thoughtfulness, respectful, humane, intimate, considerate, even tempered, stable, responsible, dependable, reliable, trustworthy and available. These are the merit badges given to those who choose to be in the Human Being Scout Troop.”

“Life deals us all types of situations. Our tendency is to interpret things that we feel are painful or uncomfortable as negative. The truth is we aren’t seeing the full picture of the event. In time if we stay connected to the process these seemingly painful situations can turn out to be great growth opportunities in disguise. Look for the opportunity when adversity comes.”

“Happiness and joy are a state of mind. It’s all about how we see ourselves in respect to the world and our expectations.”

“Your health is the most important asset you can protect. Like your car make certain that you bring yourself in for regular tune-ups. You never want to hear the words, “if you only came in 6 months ago we could have”….…”

“You are not the center of the universe and all the stars and planets don’t rotate around your axis. We are all shining stars revolving around in space.”

“In business make everyone feel like they are sitting on the same side of the table as you are. Not across from you. space.”

“When speaking to people you care about your words to them should feel like you are rolling out a red carpet invitation for them to come into your home.”

“Our happiness is an inverse proportion to our expectations”

“An attitude of gratitude is the best medicine for a sick soul.”

“Human beings by definition are imperfect. Mistakes will be made along the journey as part of the process of living and figuring out what is right and wrong.”

“I hadn’t noticed that you were appointed by a high court to judge another human being.”

“Only god knows he is god. All that you have to know is that you are not.”

“Difficult situations should not be treated like that children’s Chinese finger game. The harder you pull the less likely you can get your fingers out. If you relax your fingers you will eventually be able to remove them.”

“Our eyes are optical monitors into our souls.”

“Freedom is a byproduct of letting go of the belief that we can control things and people.”

“Power comes from understanding that we are basically powerless over most things and people.”

“I need to be responsible for my actions. This way I can’t blame what happens to me on “Some mysterious force outside me.” Then followed up by the victim role and the poor mees.”

“Idle time is the devils playground.”

“It’s the little things that matter. Taking an olive from a barrel in a store where there is no sign that says, “please sample our olives” is stealing. It is the property of the storeowner. Your subconscious knows this is not correct and places these actions in a room were all of your low self esteems acts are stored. Like saving pennies this little stuff adds up over time. It’s so subtle that we can’t see the effects until it adds up to a large amount and then begins to press against our soul.”

“Each one of us has a natural rhythm to our lives. It’s our lifetime work, if we are to be at peace with ourselves, to get in sync with our natural rhythm instead of trying to manufacture what we think is our own rhythm.”

“Hatred is a drug. It intoxicates the soul and blinds rational behavior.”

“Be careful about spending too much energy on thinking how old you are. Its better to think how young we are. There is a tendency when adding up to shrivel up. Think young stay young.”

“We shine from the inside out. It’s critical what I put on the inside.”

“Discard articles of clothing that you never wear. Its better to know exactly what is important to you than deluding yourself with the notion that you have a lot in your closet. This principal also applies to people.”

“Fantasizing is a gift of free play and imagination. Enjoy it. Let these thoughts stay as thoughts and end there.”

“What the mind can conceive the mind can achieve.”

“There are all sorts of opportunities around us at all times. We just need to adjust how we look at the world to see them. Are you wearing bemoaning my fate glasses or opportunity glasses?”

“Do you bring out the best or the worst in people? If people really matter to you then help them give out there best. Give them assurance, comfort and a sense that their words are important to you. This will allow them to be their best. We all need to be needed.”

“An intelligent person knows what they don’t know and knows what they do know. We should be open to seeking help and counsel to fill in the voids.”

“Keep your enemies close. If they get too far you never know what to expect next.”

“It takes a big person to say “I apologies for……. Do it soon after the event. Time hardens our resolve to maintain the position we took.”

“We always hurt the ones we love. That’s because they are they easiest targets of our misdirected frustration and anger. Why should the people we care about be the recipients of our delayed and unresolved feelings from an event, which has nothing to do with them? We should resolve our emotional cycle with the appropriate event. Otherwise we create more imbalances in the universe and mostly with our families.”

“There are many different types of people with handicaps. There are no special parking spaces for those who are emotionally or spiritually handicapped. However, their handicap should require special access ramps to the souls of the people in their lives.”

“If we plot against another we may find that our own handiwork ambushes us.”

“Choose your words about others carefully. If you talk like garbage you may smell like garbage.”

“Fear kills. Faith brings hope. The choice seems simple and obvious but hard to hold onto with continuity. It requires 24/7/365 consciousness if we are to embrace a greater percentage of the time in a faith mind set. A monk or clergyman might be able to achieve faith with less vigilance. However, faith is not our normal resting state.”

“You know the feeling of taking a trip to a new destination for the first time always seems longer when you are going there then when you return. The same thinking applies to trying something new. If only we could know what it feels like coming back before going. Maybe we could know that it won’t feel as difficult/long when trying something new the next time.”

“Miracle grow only works in plants. As of this writing there doesn’t exist any similar substance for human beings. Mother nature still works at her pace. I once put too much miracle grow in an orchid plant that was at its half-life. The next day the orchid looked exceptionally alive. However, the following day the plant began a rapid decline in appearance. I know that any unnatural acceleration substances in humans could have the same affect as on my delicate orchid?”

“Traditions are markers along our journey of life. Like speed bumps in the road, traditions slow us down so that we don’t speed through life without acknowledging ourselves and those we care about. Remembering to celebrate moments like birthdays, anniversaries and holidays are like dividers in our “book of life”. He who dies with the most dividers wins.”

“Giving a gift to share a special moment with someone is an appropriate gesture. The gift can come from many different places. The point of departure in considering what would be appropriate is from the recipient’s point of meaningful appreciation. Do you have any idea what that is? Can you name 1 meaningful thing?”

“We are creatures of habit. When leaving the comfort of our regular surroundings we can subtly loose a half step in our walk (without even noticing). When leaving the nest I suggest taking some twigs and branches to nurture and comfort you. Photos, meaningful possessions and special books to read are equally as important as taking vitamins, medicines and cosmetics.”

“The most important language to use with children is the language of love. Can you speak this language when you are upset with a child?”

“Always give your full support to children when they want to try something new. You never know what may come out of a seemingly silly and insignificant attempt to try something different than you may understand.”

“Try to using words in your speech like, I can, I will, I know instead of words like I don’t, I can’t, I’ll never, and I won’t. We send programming words to our brain (just like in a computer) and then our brain sends signals out for our body to respond to the words we use. If we use the word I can’t, its like saying to a computer to shut down. If you say I can, its like saying calculate.”

“Being able to laugh at yourself is the greatest sign of being comfortable with your humanness.”

“A real secret to navigating life’s journey with greater ease is learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

“Breathing 10 long continuous deep breaths is the simplest and easiest to use natural tranquillizer.”

“Humility must be a component in our central eco system. It’s like having a sprinkler system in a restaurant kitchen. When it gets too hot that little element melts from the heat and the water puts out the fire. Installing a humility system can prevent an emotional melt down.”

“Words don’t cost us very much when giving advice. Instruct by example. Actions cost us much more and have greater a lifespan in the view of others. Can you imagine a man giving advice to his wife about bearing a child? Actions cost us much more and have greater a lifespan in the view of others.”

“In any 24-hour period we can deal with whatever situation may come our way. We need to think of having 2 steel doorways, one door to yesterday and the other to tomorrow. If we don’t emotionally travel through either of these doorways we can handle anything in this day. Looking back or forward is different than traveling emotionally back or forward.”

“Our greatest challenge in life is to get our insides to match with our outsides. The work has to begin and end on the inside. If we don’t get it to match people feel us as if they are looking at a 3D movie without the special glasses.”

“The glass is neither half empty nor half full its always overflowing with opportunity you just have to look for it.”

“Remember that your job is a contract between yourself and your employer. You put in your work and at the end of each week you are paid. The contract is fulfilled and you are both even. Don’t expect it to be more than that.”

“Your work is just work. Don’t give it life or make it your life. Make time for living in your workday.”

“A key letter in the alphabet is the letter E. E for earning esteem. It can’t be purchased at Wal-Mart even at a great price. It can’t be learned from reading a book. Winning the lottery may even put it further out of reach. You can only get it by doing estimable deeds.”

“We human beings are all created equal. Effectively we are all but a stitch in the fabric of humanity. Look at the stitches around you that comprise your section in the cloth.”

“We need to ask others for what we need and want from them, it’s frustrating to others when we expect them to be mind readers.”

“What would you do if you were given too much change back or an over payment when purchasing something? The subtle emotional price you pay for knowing you have not been correct cost you far more than the value of the money. There is more spiritual value in imprinting your subconscious with an act of thoughtfulness and honesty.”

“He who hesitates is lost. Don’t wait to act on doing something, which is important to you. You may lose interest by delaying or the opportunity may pass you by.”

“Each decision we make during the course of the day requires making a choice about that decision. Your choice about each and every decision counts more than you can imagine.”

“Let kids know that they can depend on you even when you are busy, angry or in discomfort. They may use “code” words to let you know that you are unavailable. Listen carefully for their “code”.”

“It is much wiser to know what you don’t know than what you do know.”

“Sometimes we feel like we are not at our best. At times like that try to be the best “you” without feeling that you are less than what you should or could be.”

“Our view of the world and what we know of it gets diluted when we think of what we know using the universe as a backdrop. The more we know the greater we realize how little it matters except to ourselves.”

“Schools educate our children to provide them with knowledge and information. Their environment, home life, community and friendships provide them with the basis to navigate their lives. One is the vessel the other is the cargo. As parents it is our responsibility the insure that their ships are sea worthy.”

“If you are doing your best, you will not have time to worry about failure.”